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Access to Work grant Assessment

Once the Access to Work Adviser has decided on the package of support they feel is appropriate for the employee, they will seek formal approval of their recommendations from Jobcentre Plus.

Arrange Agreed Support

The employer and employee will then receive a letter informing them of the approved level of specialist support and the grant available.

It is the responsibility of the employer - or employee, if self-employed - to arrange the agreed specialist support and buy the necessary assistive technology. The employer can then claim reimbursement of the approved costs from the Access to Work grant.

Purchasing Assistive Technology

Access to Work Assistive Technology

You can use our directory to find Specialist Suppliers, Specialist Support Providers, and One Stop Shop Suppliers who are able to provide: complete computer systems, software, peripherals, as well as installation and technical support.

Please note that the employer should not purchase any items until Access to Work has give notification that they have approved the agreed support.

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