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  1. Free download
  2. High-quality recording at small file sizes
  3. Visualises audio as editable coloured chunks - phrase-by- phrase
  4. Colour highlight important information as you listen
  5. Break recordings up into sections by topic with a tap
  6. Take photos as you record and add alongside the related audio
  7. Create custom Colour Keys to add further meaning
  8. Sonocent Clear Lecture™ audio enhancement suite: includes noise cancellation and automatic volume boost
  9. Optimised for battery life: record for over 6 hours without recharging
  10. Use Glance Mode to record unobtrusively in public settings
  11. Stay organised: file projects by Title, Topic, Speaker
  12. Share files via Wifi or Cloud Storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, iCloud
  13. Transfer to Sonocent Audio Notetaker for Windows or Mac to create comprehensive notes, add slides and edit your audio




Now students and professionals can take high-quality recordings and mark up the important information as they listen, with the free Sonocent Recorder companion app.

The app visualises phrases of recorded speech as chunks, which can be highlighted in colour and broken down into sections at a tap.

Students and professionals can also create complete records of classes and meetings by adding photos and text notes alongside their audio. Later, they can share their finished file with Sonocent Audio Notetaker for Windows or Mac by Wifi or Cloud Storage and listen back to their full recording, add slides, take detailed text notes and more.

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Available for iOS and Android.

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