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A new and technological way to organise and manage activities. iShould is a web based application that allows users to maximise their time productively.

Plan - iShould offers a new and technological way to organise and manage your activities.
  • Task List! Develop ideas and plan activities according to your preferences
  • Flexible creation methods (text/video/audio/from email)
  • Intelligent decision making tools for organising your activities
Share - iShould lets you synchronise your activities with friends, family, colleagues and associates..
  • Connect with other iShould users
  • Share tasks and coordinate on projects
  • Chat
Support - iShould gives you the tools to provide and gain support.
  • Personalise how iShould works for you
  • Discuss tasks and projects with others
  • Follow and manage your active tasks
Archive - Life is more than completing check lists, iShould lets you pace and progress your activities.
  • Your organised timeline of events
  • Managed freetime
  • Varied task types to help you achieve your goals
Journal - Journal activities and achievements to appraise and improve.
  • Mark progression
  • Keep a track of activities and achievements
  • Downloadable spreadsheets to review and reflect


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