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  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Backrest angle adjustment
  • Backrest height adjustment (4” range)
  • Armrest height, angle, articulation & width adjustment
  • Seat Depth 19” Seat Width 21”
  • Seat tilt adjustment & tension control
  • Inflatable Air Lumbar®
  • Seat Slider


All BodyBilt High-Task-Back chairs provide exceptional comfort with upper and low back support. 10-Point Posture Control adjustability puts at your command the tools to address and alleviate stressful aches and pains so often escalated by inferior chairs. This model offers an integrated head rest.

The moderately contoured seat on this model is the most popular design. With passive weight distribution via surface contact this model encourages proper-seated posture and cushions the high-pressure points that lead to discomfort on flat seat designs.


The J style mechanism rocks from a centre-pivot point under the seat, and allows for the backrest depth adjustment feature.
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