Brain in Hand University Edition

Picture of Brain in Hand University Edition

Brain in Hand’s unique software is packed with features to help students reduce anxiety, increase independence, remember events, feel supported and get the most out of their time at university.


A website and an app link together to enable a student to:

  • manage and organise their time, identify situations they find difficult and plan strategies in advance on their Brain in Hand website
  • access pre-planned solutions via the Brain in Hand app, wherever and whenever to keep learning on track
  • record the situations they find difficult and which solutions they use via the Traffic Lights, to monitor progress and manage anxiety
  • highlight a specific difficulty or request help with a situation.

The student’s Brain in Hand website will create a Timeline of app activity they can review to develop the kind of support that works best for them.


DSA-funded students with Brain in Hand University Edition will receive:

  • Licence and secure website storage
  • Smartphone / tablet device app and synchronisation
  • Assistance with set-up and Specialist AT Training
  • Remote support from a Brain in Hand Facilitator (in place for the first 120 days, extendable for the first academic year) or other supporter.

To find out more please call us on 01392 247 909, email [email protected] or visit