DSA Application Forms

If you are not applying to Student Finance England and want to find Application Forms from other funding providers, please see Select your DSA Funding Provider

Student Finance England - DSA Application Form

Student Finance England (SFE)

You should apply for the Disabled Students Allowance as soon as possible. You do not have to wait until you have a confirmed place at University or College, although you can apply at any stage of your course.

Online Application

Apply Online

If you have completed an online application form for Student Finance and indicated that you want to apply for DSAs, Student Finance England will send you a DSA application form with your details already filled in for you to sign and return with evidence

Downloadable Application Form

Download Form

Short DSA Form

Download Short Application Form

If you have already applied for Student Finance and now wish to apply for DSAs you should download the Short DSA Application Form

You WILL NOT have to apply again for each year of your course.

Slim Form 2016/17

Slim Form 2017/18

Full DSA Form

DSA Application Form

If you are applying for DSAs ONLY, or are a Post-graduate or Part-time student you should download the Full DSA Application Form

You WILL have to reapply for DSAs each year of your course.

Full Form 2016/17

Full Form 2017/18

Guidance Notes

You can order forms and guides in Braille, large print or audio by emailing with your name, address, customer reference number along with what form and format you require to:

Please ensure that you have used the correct application form and are sending information to the appropriate funding body before proceeding
Please make copies of any evidence before sending to your DSA Funding Provider.

Send DSA Application Form to Student Finance England

Send Application + Evidence

DSA Evidence

You will need to send evidence of your disability, or medical condition or mental health condition, or specific learning difficulty along with your DSA application form. See: Evidence


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