Funding Amounts - NHS Student Bursaries

Three allowances make up the DSA. These are the:

  • Equipment Allowance;
  • Non-Medical Support Allowance; and
  • General Allowance.

NHS Student Bursaries are unable to administer DSA funding for seconded, self-funded students or EU Fees Only award holders.


The following table shows the typical rates payable for ALL Students:

Academic Year: 2011/2012


Whole Course

Non-Medical Support

Yearly Allowance


Yearly Allowance



↓ Up to these amounts ↓




Reasonable additional travel costs

Specialist Equipment Allowance

Specialist Equipment Allowance - funds the cost of major items of equipment such as a:

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Digital Recorder, etc.

This allowance also covers costs of:

  • repair,
  • technical support,
  • insurance and extended warranty costs.

Non-Medical Helper's Allowance

Non-medical helpers allowance - funds the cost of:

  • Note-takers,
  • Readers,
  • Dyslexia tuition support, etc.

General Allowance

General Allowance - this covers other disability related costs not included in the above, such as:

  • Extra Books,
  • Computer Consumables,
  • Printing,
  • Photocopying, etc.

The General Allowance can also be used to top up the other allowances if necessary.

Additional Travel Allowance

The DSA's can also be used to help towards travel costs reasonably and necessarily incurred as a direct result of a disability.

It does not cover normal everyday travel costs which any student would expect to have.

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