Funding Amounts - SAAS

DSA funding SAAS

Three allowance make up the DSA. These are:

  • the Equipment Allowance;
  • the Non-Medical Support Allowance; and
  • the General Allowance.

DSA is not income assessed


Academic Year: 2011/2012

DSA funding SAAS Equipment


Whole Course

DSA funding SAAS support

Non-Medical Support

Yearly Allowance

DSA funding SAAS general


Yearly Allowance

DSA funding SAAS Travel



↓ Up to these amounts ↓

Full Time




Reasonable additional travel costs


Not Scaled Down

Pro Rata

Pro Rata

Reasonable additional travel costs

Specialist Equipment Allowance

DSA funding SAAS equipment

The amount you can claim is set at the maximum for the academic year in which you make your first application.

It will cover the cost of equipment such as a personal computer, a braille printer or note-taker, a portable loop or a radio aid, or close circuit television.

If the equipment you need costs more than the maximum, you may use any unspent basic allowance to make up the difference.

Non-Medical Helper's Allowance

DSA funding SAAS support

This is a yearly allowance for course-related personal help, for example:

  • readers for people with sight difficulties
  • sign language interpreters
  • lip speakers
  • note-takers
  • helpers for people in wheelchairs

General Allowance

DSA funding SAAS general

This is a yearly allowance. This allowance is used for items such as: tapes, Braille paper, extra photocopying charges, other small items of equipment and so on.

You can also use any unspent basic allowance to top up the other two allowances if necessary.

Additional Travel Allowance

DSA funding SAAS travel

If, as a result of your disability you are unable to use public transport, for example if you have visual or mobility difficulties, we can consider payment of a reasonable cost of travel by private car or taxi.

See SAAS Guidance Notes page 6 for further information

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