Funding Amounts - Student Finance Northern Ireland

SFNi DSA Funding amounts

There are four elements of DSA support:

  1. Specialist Equipment Allowance
  2. Non-Medical Help
  3. General Allowance
  4. Travel Allowance

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Below are the maximum available rates:

Academic Year: 2011/2012

SFNi DSA Equipment allowance


Whole Course

SFNi DSA Support Allowance

Non-Medical Support

Yearly Allowance

SFNi DSA General Allowance


Yearly Allowance

SFNi DSA Travel Allowance



↓ Up to these amounts ↓

Full Time




Reasonable additional travel costs





Reasonable additional travel costs


SFNi DSA Postgraduate

For full time and part time students, including distance-learning students, with disabilities. You can receive one allowance of up to £10,469 to help with the extra costs you incur as a direct result of your disability whilst you study. Courses must have an entry requirement of at least a first degree and last for at least one academic year.

Specialist Equipment Allowance

SFNi DSA Equipment Allowance

Specialist Equipment Allowance: for help with the purchase of equipment necessary because of the student's disability e.g. computer, Braille printer, Dictaphone, Specialist Software etc.

Non-Medical Helper's Allowance

SFNi DSA Support Allowance

Non-medical Help: for students requiring non-medical personal assistance e.g. readers for blind students or sign-language interpreters for deaf students;

General Allowance

SFNi DSA General Allowance

General Allowance: for general expenses arising from attendance at the course e.g. extra photocopying, special dietary requirements etc.

Additional Travel Allowance

SFNi DSA Travel Allowance

Travel Allowance: extra travel costs you have to pay as a result of disability and not normally for everyday travel costs.

You will have to pay the equivalent to the public transport rate towards your travel.

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