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Needs Assessment Overview

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Needs Assessment for the Disabled Students' Allowance is an informal meeting to help decide the kind of support that will meet your particular needs.
The Needs Assessment takes about 2 hours. You will be able to take a break during the DSA Needs Assessment if you want.

If you want to bring someone with you, you will need to let the Needs Assessment Centre know.

The Needs Assessment Centre will tell you if you need to bring anything with you.

  • DSA Assessment Welcoming Welcome
  • DSA Needs Assessment check details Check Details
  • DSA Needs Assessment informal meeting Informal Discussion
  • DSA Needs Assessment demo equipment Equipment can be shown
  • DSA Needs Assessment answer any questions Questions Answered
  • DSA Needs Assessment is confidential All information is confidential

Further Information

  • DSA Needs Assessment welcoming The staff at the centre will be welcoming, they will be aware of your disability requirements, offer refreshments, escort you to the assessment room, and explain what will happen.

  • DSA Needs Assessment check your details The Needs Assessor will be ready and will check your personal details.

  • DSA Needs Assessment is an informal meeting The Needs Assessor will discuss your disability or difficulty and how it affects the way you learn.

  • DSA Needs Assessment equipment may be demoed You will be able to see specialist equipment, and try it in some cases. The Needs Assessor will discuss your needs with you.

  • DSA Needs Assessment answer any questions The Needs Assessor will answer any questions and explain any recommendations. If you want one, you will get a draft of the Needs Assessment Report to check.

  • DSA Needs Assessment are confidential The Needs Assessment Centre will treat as confidential all the information you give them, and the report they write about your DSA Needs Assessment. They have a duty to do this under the Data Protection Act.

Needs Assessment Report

Your Needs Assessor will write a DSA Needs Report which will list any types of Assistive Technology and Specialist Support you will need, how much it will cost, where to get it from, and any training you may need to make best use of the Assistive Technology.

Needs Report
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