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    Needs Assessment Report

Your DSA Needs Assessor will write a Needs Assessment Report which will list and justify any recommended Assistive Technology and Specialist Support you will need, how much it will cost, where to get it from, and any Specialist Training you may need to make best use of the Assistive Technology.

  • Draft report Draft report (optional)
  • feedback Give feedback (Optional)
  • Final Report Circulate Final Report
  • Await Approval Await Approval
  • Continued Support Continued Support

Further Information

draft Your DSA Needs Assessment Report will be based on:
  • what you told the Needs Assessor,
  • further research if needed,
  • any previous assessments you may have had.

You can expect the DSA Needs Assessment Centre to send you the Needs Assessment Report in about 10 working days. If you have not received your Report after the 10 working days, or have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with your Needs Assessment Centre

feedbackIf you asked to see a draft of your DSA Needs Assessment Report, your Needs Assessment Centre will send you a copy. Let the Needs Assessment Centre know if you have any questions about the draft.

circulate The Needs Assessment Centre will send a copy of your DSA Needs Assessment Report to your Funding Provider. If you agreed to it, they will also send a copy to your Disability Adviser. If any Assistive Technology Training is recommended, they may pass some information to the trainers (with your permission) to make sure you get the most out of your Assistive Technology Training sessions.

approval You should wait for approval from your Funding Provider. They will send you a DSA Entitlement Letter, telling you what they will pay for. Sometimes the Funding Provider may refuse to agree to some of the Assessor’s recommendations. You need to contact your DSA Assessment Centre if your Funding Provider does this.

DSA Needs Assessment Report The DSA Assessment Centre will continue to support you.
It may also be helpful to tell a Disability Adviser of any contact you have with your Funding Provider, such as letters, telephone calls or emails, so that they can help you if any recommendations are refused.

Arrange support

Once you receive your DSA Entitlement Letter from your Funding Provider you can order the approved support listed in the letter.

For contact details for support providers please visit our Support Contact Directories

Also see: Entitlement Letter

DSA Needs Assessment Report DSA Needs Assessment Report
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