Current Stage: Disabled Students' Allowance Roadmap
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Application - Disabled Students' Allowance

EvidenceTo show that you qualify for the Disabled Students' Allowance, you will need to provide evidence that you have a disability, medical condition, sensory impairment, mental-health condition, or a specific learning difficulty (such as dyslexia) which affects your ability to study. See Evidence

Application You will need to complete an Application Form for the Disabled Students' Allowance either online or on paper and send it to the appropriate DSA Funding Provider along with any required Evidence. See Application Form

Approval LetterThe Funding Provider for Disabled Students' Allowance will look at your application and send you a letter to let you know if you qualify for DSA. The letter will tell you what to do next. See Approval Letter

Needs Assessment & Needs Assessment Report

Evidence If you are eligible for Disabled Students' Allowance you will need to have a DSA Needs Assessment to identify the help you require on your course. See What is a Needs Assessment? and Contact an Assessment Centre

Evidence The DSA Needs Assessment is an informal meeting with an experienced DSA Needs Assessor to help decide the kind of support that will help you with your own particular needs. See Needs Assessment Overview

ApplicationThe Needs Assessor will write a Needs Assessment Report identifying the types of Assistive Technology and other Specialist Support you may need. See Needs Assessment Report

Assistive Technology & Specialist Support

ApplicationAfter they have received your DSA Needs Assessment Report the DSA Funding Provider will send you a letter to tell you what specialist equipment and other support they will pay for from Disabled Students' Allowance. See Entitlement Letter

ApplicationYou will need to contact the approved supplier yourself to order and arrange for your Assistive Technology to be delivered, and for any Assistive Technology Training and Specialist Support that the DSA Needs Assessor has recommended. See: Specialist Support Directories

ReceiveThe approved supplier should deliver your Assistive Technology in about 10 working days of your placing your order. Subject to your availability and preference. See: Receive Support

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