Insurance & Warranties

Insurance & Warranties

The Approved Supplier of your Assistive Technology will offer you comprehensive computer and peripheral maintenance and support for the duration of your course. They may also put in place insurance cover if this has been recommended by your DSA Needs Assessor.

Maintenance & Support


The Approved Supplier will offer you comprehensive computer and peripheral maintenance and support for the duration of your course.

This does not cover wear and tear, consumables (e.g. batteries) or damage due to unapproved consumables.

In the event of any technical problems you should contact the supplier helpdesk.



The Approved Supplier will arrange insurance cover and will handle all aspects for the duration of your course if any claims arise.

Where necessary the Approved Supplier will provide loan equipment. However if your Assistive Technology is lost or stolen this will only be issued pending a valid claim.

If you have any insurance related queries you must contact the Approved Supplier of your Assistive Technology.


tech support Helpdesk / Onsite Support

If your technical problem cannot be resolved remotely within 2 working days the supplier will either conduct an onsite visit to repair the equipment, or a return to base will be arranged. If the engineer cannot resolve the problem onsite they will return it to base for repair.

loan equipment Loan Equipment

If the problem cannot be rectified within 3 working days of pickup, loan equipment will be provided. This will be suitable to run substantially all the support related software.

return to base repair Repair Times

The maximum lengths of time for ‘return to base’ repairs are:
Desktop PC= 3 weeks
Laptop = 4 weeks.

If the original equipment cannot be repaired within this timescale, permanent replacement equipment will be provided. The replacement equipment will be of a sufficient specification to run your assistive software.

The supplier will cover the cost of maintenance and support repairs

DSA-QAG Online Student Survey


DSA-QAG are inviting students to participate in a short survey to help monitor and improve the service provided to yourself and future DSA-Students.

Part 3: Helpdesk / Fault Logging / Support of the survey should be completed If you have just had problems with your equipment

DSA-QAG Survey

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