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DSA Entitlement Letter

DSA Entitlement Letter

Your DSA Funding Provider will send you a letter to tell you what Assistive Technology and other Specialist Support they will pay for from the Disabled Students’ Allowance.

You may need to send a copy of this letter to the relevant approved suppliers listed in the letter.

If you have any queries about your Entitlement Letter you should contact either your Disability Adviser or your DSA Needs Assessment Centre.

Entitlement Letter Example

Your Entitlement Letter will detail which of the following Disabled Students' Allowances you have been awarded and whom to contact.

Dear Sir/Madam

Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) Entitlement 2013/14

We have received your DSA Study Needs Assessment report. You are entitled to the following:

Disabled Students' Allowances Entitlement
Specialist Equipment Equipment from Approved Supplier

Non-Medical Helper's Allowance AT training from approved Assistive Technology Trainers
Specialist support from approved Specialist Support Provider

General Allowance Claim back photocopying/printer consumables/non-core textbooks per academic year. Claim Reimbursement

Travel Cost of transport minus public transport cost. Claim Reimbursement

Specialist Equipment

Equipment Supplier - This is the Approved Supplier who you must contact to order your Assistive Technology. You will find their details in our Approved Supplier Directory

Quote Reference Number - You will need to quote this when you contact the Approved Supplier.

Non-Medical Helper's Allowance

Assistive Technology Training - A trainer will show you how to use your Assistive Technology. See Assistive Technology Training

Specialist Support - This includes Specialist Support like one-to-one support, notetaking, study mentoring, etc. You should contact your Disability Adviser about this. See Specialist Support

General Allowance

The General Allowance helps pay for other disability related spending, such as printer cartridges and photocopying. See See Claiming Reimbursement


Additional Travel Allowance can be used to claim for reasonable additional travel costs for the academic year due to your disability. See Claiming Reimbursement

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