Receiving Support

Your DSA Funding Provider will pay the Approved Supplier(s) direct for any recommended Assistive Technology and Assistive Technology Training. You will get money from the General Allowance by sending receipts to your DSA Funding Provider for anything you have paid for, such as photocopying, special paper, or taxi fares. They will then pay you back. See Reimbursement

Entitlement Letter

Your DSA Funding Provider will send you a letter to tell you what Assistive Technology and Specialist Support they will pay for from the Disabled Students’ Allowance.

Contact Supplier

The Entitlement Letter will tell you who you need to contact. You will have to get in touch with them yourself to order your approved Assistive Technology and to arrange any Assistive Technology Training and Specialist Support.

Receive Support

The Approved Supplier will deliver your Assistive Technology, set it up and help you get used to it.