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How do I receive my DSAs support?

The funding provider will send you a letter to tell you what support they will pay for from the Disabled Students’ Allowances. The letter will break down the allowances and display what you are currently entitled to, out of: specialist equipment, non-medical helper's allowance, general, and travel allowance.


Your DSAs
General Allowance
Travel Allowance breakdown
Equipment Allowance breakdown
Specialist Equipment Allowance
Non-Medical Helper’s Allowance
Non-medica helper's allowance breakdown
General Allowance breakdown
Travel Allowance

Your next steps

  1. You will need to contact the supplier(s) to arrange your support.​

The supplier will then invoice the funding provider directly for the agreed amount.

Your next steps

  1. You will need to contact the above supplier(s) to arrange the support

  2. You’ll receive the support at the arranged time and need to sign timesheets to confirm the support has been provided.

The supplier will invoice the funding provider directly to cover the cost of the support.

Your next steps

  1. Purchase any items listed above that you require for your course

  2. Submit a claim form to the funding provider along with copies of receipts for the items.

The funding provider will reimburse the amount directly to your bank account once the claim has been processed.

Your next steps

  1. Contact a licensed taxi provider to arrange the occasional journeys required

  2. You pay the taxi provider for this journey

  3. You submit copies of receipts to the funding provider and they will reimburse you the total amount minus public transport costs.

The funding provider will only pay for the journeys that have been agreed and detailed in this letter. 

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